Happy Labor Day Brooklyn

If you’ve ever been to Brooklyn during Labor Day weekend, then you already know up around Eastern Parkway, it’s Carnival. Back in the day, I used to think that the parade was just an easy excuse to see some skin. However, it wasn’t until I started to hang with my Trinidadian homies over on Dean Street in Crown Heights that I learned it’s more than that. I learned it’s about having fun, but even before that it’s about representing their lineage. I got to see how people prepare for months for Carnival. I remember walking down Classon Ave and hearing the play of steel drums because the kids were practicing or seeing my homies girl cousin going out for costume fittings. This shit is real and for some people it’s an expedition. I know chicks that have traveled to Carnival in DC, Toronto, Brooklyn, Miami and of course Trinidad.

Although it’s cool to be out there. I stopped going years back once dudes started coming out there shooting at people. Time out! It’s a different time. Back in the day, people just wanted to chill, but you’ll find a young and irrational youth at times that will make a mistake that he or she will won’t to reverse if giving the chance to do so. Life if crazy and kids today… need better examples of role models.

Be safe!

-Seneca Doss

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