ThrowBack: ATCQ – The Low End Theory

I’m just saying for those that don’t know, This is A Tribe Called Quest. This might be a history for some of you, but this is one of the illest groups of all time. In my lifetime, these guys helped to birth the seed that has since sprouted and grown into a rooted passion for Hip-Hop in me. I watched their documentary the other night on another cable channel created by Viacom called Paladiam, Platinum Pants or something like. When the show came on, it was probably one of the very small moments in which nothing going on in the world was more important to me. My computer could have burned to a crisp, but I was watching that damn doc. The Low End Theory is classic. I hope you take a listen to this shit, because some of you need to wake the fuck up!

The+Low+End+Theory+coverFollow me on Twitter: @TheBeastYo As a matter of fact, that may be the best way to get my attention for new music.


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